Maria Garcia


AGE: 14


1- How would you describe yourself

I would describe myself as Hard-working, kind and a little bit untidy.

2-Where do you life and your favourite city

I live in Santander , but my favourite city is London.

3- Why do you want to learn English

I want to learn English because I think it’s very important for my future and for when I have to get a job., This is not my first time in England, I came here 3 years ago on holiday with my parents, we went to London.

4-Your favourite quote

My favourite quote is Live a life you’ll remember, that means that you should do what you like doing without caring about what people think.

5- Your hobbies

My favourite hobby is dancing and my favourite style is ballet.

6- The best piece of advice you have ever receipt

The best piece of advice I’ve ever been given is Treat others as you want others treat you.

7- Where would you like to live

If I could live in any country, I would live in Italy or in Spain, because I love both of these places.

9- What is the thing you could not live without

I couldn’t live without my friends and my ballet shoes.

10-If you could learn any school in the world , which one would you choose

If I could learn any skill, it would be to learn the guitar or to surf.