Elena Fornieles

Age: 13

From : Guadix (Granada)

1) What are your nicknames ?

_My family and friends call me ‘Ele’.

2) How would you describe yourself ?

_I am quite shy.

3) Why do you want to learn English ?

_So that I can go to university.

4) Is this your first time in England ?

_Yes, it is.

5) Describe your family.

_My family is normal. The people in my family are called: Antonio, Conchi ,Victoria and Sara.

6) Do you have any pets ?

_I have two birds.

7) What are your hobbies ?

_I like art.

8) What’s your favourite time of the year? Why?

_My favourite time of the year is spring because it’s very beautiful.

9)What’s your biggest fear? Why?

_I’m scared of spiders because by their legs are so long.

10) What’s the one thing that you cannot live without? Why?

_I could not live without my family.

11)Who are the five people that you spend the most time with?

_With my father and my mother.

12)What do you hope to have achieved by the end of the course?

_I want to have improved my English.