C A N D E L A :)

 1. What are your nicknames ?  Hi my name is Candela my friends call me Cande or Can

2.Describe yourself. My hair is brown and my eyes too, my favourite shape is a star and my favourite colours are blue and green then white and then black , my favorite sport is skiing and I really like to travel , I consider myself very funny. I really like jokes because I laugh at everything. I like to eat everything apart from fish roe and offal . I am from Madrid and I think that is the best city of the world           i hate it  😦

 3.Why do you want learn English? I want to learn because It’s good for my future and I like the idiom.

 4.Is this your first time in England? Yes it is my first time here, I really like it. 

 5.Describe your family I have 2 sisters and 1 brother , 2 step brothers and 1 step father , 1 father ,1 mother and 1 step mother .

 6.Do you have any pets ? I had 2 . The first one was called Lola and then I had one called Taison. She was the best dog in the world but my sister’s ex took her because they shared her. 

 7.What are your hobbies ? My hobbies are painting and editing photos because I love it

 8.What is the best time of the year and why ? My favourite time of the year is the summer because I love the beach, travelling and sunbathing and to swimming.

  9.What`s your biggest fear? Why? My biggest fear is ghosts and spirits because I feel bad and I get really scared.

  10.What`s the one thing that you couldn’t live without? Why? I couldn’t live without food because without it, I’d die.